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APIPET GASTRO is a natural bee product for dogswith occasional or frequent digestive problems.


Apipet Gastro is intended for dogs that have digestive problems.

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Halitosis
  • Gastritis
  • Reflux
  • Colitis
  • Cramps, tension and constipation
  • Eating grass
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Stressed gastrointestinal reactions due to food change or climate change,
  • Enhanced physical effort and preparation for the competition
  • Stress due to the change of the season
  • Food poisoning
  • Treatment of drugs (especially antibiotics),
  • Weakness of the organism due to parasitic or infectious diseases of the digestive system.
These are only some of the symptoms which indicates on problematic digestive system. If you recognize your dog in one of the symptoms Apipet Gastro is the best choice for you.

Apipet Gastro 100% naturally treats the digestive tract of your pet.


One Cellulose Capsule (HPMC) 200 mg bee pollen dominated by the flowering dump of the Dalmatian Plant Cistus species (Cistus species) and contains 100 mg of propolis and 100 mg of zingber officinale.


APIPET GASTRO maintains the normal function of digestive system in dogs. It protects digestive system from damage and promotes its normal operation. Thanks to anti-inflammatory activity, it helps in the prevention of digestive system diseases. Acting on smooth muscles helps to calm the cramps and tension. It also stimulates the immune system and leads to faster recovery in disease states.

Propolis affects anti-inflammatory and soothes all the inflammatory processes that take place in the body. It enhances the immune system and defends the organism against viruses, diseases, parasites, and bacteria and leads to faster recovery in case of illness.

Ginger is beneficial to the digestive system

  • Analgesic: relieves pain
  • Sedatively: soothes and reduces irritability
  • Diuretic: it enhances urination and removes excess water
  • Antimicrobial: destroys pathogenic microorganisms
  • Anti-inflammatory: reduces inflammation and pain caused by arthritis


No harmful effects are observed or expected at the recommended dosages due to the natural production process of the bee-derived substances obtained without the chemical treatment of solvents.


In a dry place at a temperature of up to 25 ° C


The bottle contains 60 or 120 capsules


2 years


Hedera d.o.o., 4. Gardijske brigade 35, 21000 Split, Croatia

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Daily dosage is determined according to the dog's weight:

up to 5 kg: 1 capsule
from 5-11 kg: 2 capsules
from 11-45 kg: 3 capsules
over 45 kg: 4 capsules
The product is 100% natural and has no negative side effects, and the dose can adjust to the condition of the pet (preventive or curative).

We recommend using at least 3 months for optimum performance.

How to give capsule to a dog? 

Open the capsule and just spill over dogs food. The best way is to spill in some wet food so he won't having issues due to flavor changes
Capsules can be given to the dog with food. The best way is to put the capsule in a small meat round made of dog food. Place capsule in the centar and give your dog one or two meat balls.

  • Gently wrap your dog's mouth by holding his lower jaw open
  • Put the capsule on the back of the tongue.
  • Close the dog's mouth and hold it until it swallows the capsule. It may make you tough to see the dog while it is dripping, but if the dog lick up his nose, it usually means he has swallowed the capsule. To make it easier for him to swallow, you can blush his nose for a few seconds. That trick can help.
  • You can also gently massage the front of his throat while holding his mouth closed with your other hand. In this way it will almost certainly swallow the capsule.
  • After all you do not forget to give him a treat as a reward. So the next time it will be easier. :)

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  • Money back guarantee within 30 days
For all questions, please visit Facebook page Apipet Hrvatska or via apipet@apipet.eu